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Adaptation as Risk ManagementJournal ArticlePrivate GovernanceRisk Management

Ecosystem Services and Federal Public Lands: A Quiet Revolution in Natural Resources Management

This article traces the policy evolution that embedded consideration of ecosystem services in lands management, assesses why and how that happened and what it means for the future of lands management, and argues that land management agencies' emphasis on the flow of ecosystem services from public lands to off-site human…
Adaptation as Risk ManagementJournal ArticleRisk Management

Turning the Tide in Coastal and Riverine Energy Infrastructure Adaptation: Can an Emerging Wave of Litigation Advance Preparation for Climate Change?

A new wave of “failure to adapt” lawsuits has sought to clarify how a changing climate may change what reasonable preparations governments and private actors must take, including increasing the resilience of their infrastructure. These suits span constitutional, tort, and statutory law more broadly, but unprepared owners of energy infrastructure…
Dena Adler
December 19, 2018
Adaptation as Risk ManagementEnergy RegulationFederal Energy RegulationJournal ArticleRisk ManagementState Energy Regulation

Microgrids and Resilience to Climate-Driven Impacts on Public Health

This article examines how the definitions of resilience adopted by the public health and electricity communities can, but do not necessarily, converge in responses to electricity outages so severe that they affect the operation of critical infrastructure, such as wastewater treatment and drinking water facilities, hospitals, and cooling centers. The…
Justin Gundlach
February 1, 2018