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Climate Risk in the Electricity Sector: Legal Obligations to Advance Climate Resilience Planning by Electric Utilities

This report finds that proactive climate resilience planning by electric utilities is required under public utility law and tort law. An updated version was published as a journal article in the Environmental Law Review in October 2021.
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Comments to Connecticut PURA on Value of Distributed Energy Resources

These comments to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority discuss their proposed distributed energy resource value categories, encouraging the agencies to include electricity system resilience and community resilience in their list of value categories.
Justin Gundlach
August 21, 2019
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Microgrids and Resilience to Climate-Driven Impacts on Public Health

This article examines how the definitions of resilience adopted by the public health and electricity communities can, but do not necessarily, converge in responses to electricity outages so severe that they affect the operation of critical infrastructure, such as wastewater treatment and drinking water facilities, hospitals, and cooling centers. The…
Justin Gundlach
February 1, 2018
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Prospective Grandfathering: Anticipating the Energy Transition Problem

This article identifies tools available to the government ex ante that will preserve regulatory flexibility in the future by forestalling regulatory takings claims and blunt the fairness concerns that fuel takings arguments, and argues for their adoption in the context of natural gas regulation.
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Reconstituting the Federalism Battle in Energy Transportation

This article explores federalism issues in energy transportation infrastructure, including pipelines and transmission lines, and evaluates reforms to approval processes for energy transport projects that can result in a more efficient process that leads to more rapid integration of new energy resources and technologies.