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Organizations Involved: Initiative on Climate Risk and Resilience Law, Environmental Defense Fund, Institute for Policy Integrity, Sabin Center
Source: Council on Environmental Quality


These comments support the development of the Federal Agency Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plans, which establish a foundation for actions to protect government operations and facilities, and all who rely upon them. The comments recommend that agencies consider the following steps as they build on that foundation: (1) Agencies should conduct climate vulnerability studies that are consistent, rigorous, and organization-wide, evaluating agency infrastructure, finances, and services provided; (2) Agencies should examine the greenhouse gas emissions implications of adaptation measures, and avoid maladaptive measures that would address a symptom of climate change while contributing to its root cause; (3) Agencies should publicly disclose the climate risks they face; and (4) Agencies should draw on panels of technical experts and interagency working groups to identify, develop, and disseminate information about best practices for adaptation measures.

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