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Comments to DOE on Voluntary Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchasing Challenge (Policy Integrity)

Organizations Involved: Policy Integrity Abstract In March 2024, the Department of Energy (DOE) published a Notice of Intent Regarding Launching a Voluntary Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchasing Challenge (Purchasing Challenge). To participate in the Purchasing Challenge, organizations must disclose to DOE several details about each associated carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credit,…
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Toward Resilience: Defining, Measuring, and Monetizing Resilience in the Electricity System

This report aims to assist policymakers in understanding grid resilience and evaluating potential interventions aimed at improving grid resilience. It develops a definition of resilience grounded in academic literature; describes a methodology for calculating the costs and benefits of potential grid resilience improvements; identifies legal authorities that states and federal…
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Reconstituting the Federalism Battle in Energy Transportation

This article explores federalism issues in energy transportation infrastructure, including pipelines and transmission lines, and evaluates reforms to approval processes for energy transport projects that can result in a more efficient process that leads to more rapid integration of new energy resources and technologies.