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Financial RegulationReport

Climate Change Securities Disclosures in Australia

This working paper looks at the extent to which current securities filings regulations with the Australian securities authorities require (or alternatively, recommend) listed Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) entities to disclose climate change risks on the performance of a listed entity. The paper also reviews what in practice is being reported…
Amanda Liu
March 1, 2014
Energy RegulationReportRisk ManagementState Energy Regulation

Envisioning Resilient Electrical Infrastructure: A Policy Framework for Incorporating Future Climate Change into Electricity Sector Planning

Climate change needs to be incorporated in future designs of the electricity sector. This paper argues for a policy framework in which utilities take the lead by performing an electrical climate change impact assessment that evaluates to what extent utilities’ electrical assets are vulnerable to future climate change. Based on…
Sam Nierop
December 1, 2013