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Organizations Involved: Sabin Center


Climate disclosure rules have recently been finalized by the SEC, California, the European Union, and the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). Please watch to hear our distinguished panelists discuss the implications of these regimes. How will the relatively weaker SEC requirements shape the market alongside the more stringent requirements of California and the EU? How will compliance efforts be reconciled? Does the litigation challenging the SEC and California rules suggest a loss of momentum on corporate climate disclosure goals? What impact will investor demand have on the evolution of voluntary disclosure? Which jurisdictions will mandate the ISSB standards? What additional rulemaking might a second Biden Administration undertake to strengthen or harmonize these requirements?

Panelists include: Gina-Gail Fletcher of Duke University Law School, Joseph Grundfest of Stanford Law School, Kristen Sullivan of Deloitte & Touche, Steven Rothstein of Ceres, and moderator Michael Gerrard from the Sabin Center.

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