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Global Consensus is Emerging on Corporate Scope 3 Disclosures. Will the SEC Lead or Lag?

2023 is a significant year for corporate climate disclosure rules: regulators around the world are issuing or strengthening their disclosure requirements for registered companies pertaining to sustainability and climate-related financial risk. In Europe, the European Commission plans to finalize initial reporting standards for corporate sustainability reporting by June. UK regulators…
Cynthia Hanawalt
March 28, 2023
Blog/News ArticleFinancial DisclosureFinancial Regulation

Widespread Support for the SEC’s Proposed Climate Risk Disclosure Standards

As shown in the quotes collected in this blog, a proposal from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would standardize public companies’ disclosures of climate risk information is getting strong support from the general public, investors, companies of various sizes across a wide range of sectors, law and business…
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Comments to the SEC on Fund ESG Disclosures (Policy Integrity)

The SEC has proposed a series of new disclosures for investment companies regarding their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities. These disclosures would reduce "greenwashing" - a practice where companies misrepresent the sustainability of their investments in order to advertise to investors looking to invest in green funds - by…