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Behavioral Science Tools to Strengthen Energy & Environmental Programs

January 1st, 2017| By: Michael Vandenbergh and Others
Journal Article

Stranded Costs and Grid Decarbonization

October 20th, 2016| By: Jim Rossi and Emily Hammond
Journal Article

Reconstituting the Federalism Battle in Energy Transportation

September 7th, 2016| By: Alexandra Klass and Jim Rossi
Journal Article

The Brave New Path of Energy Federalism

July 7th, 2016| By: Jim Rossi

Local Law Provisions for Climate Change Adaptation

May 1st, 2016| By: P. Dane Warren and Justin Gundlach

Sea-Level Rise and Changing Times for Florida Local Governments

April 1st, 2016| By: David Markell
Journal Article

Integrating Climate Change Resilience into HUD’s Disaster Recovery Program

April 1st, 2016| By: Justin Gundlach and Channing Jones

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