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Book Chapter

Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons: How Environmental Fallacies Affect Environmental Behavior

August 1st, 2017| By: Alexander Maki, Amanda Carrico and Michael Vandenbergh
Journal Article

A Proposal for Amending Administrative Law to Facilitate Adaptive Management

July 10th, 2017| By: J.B. Ruhl, Robin Kundis Craig, Eleanor Brown and Byron Williams
Agency Filing

Comments on Draft Nationwide Programmatic EIS for the National Flood Insurance Program

June 1st, 2017| By: Justin Gundlach and Jessica Wentz
Journal Article

Lamarck Revisited: The Implications of Epigenetics for Environmental Law

May 25th, 2017| By: Michael Vandenbergh, David Vandenbergh and John Vandenbergh
Journal Article

Beyond Zero-Sum Environmentalism

May 8th, 2017| By: J.B. Ruhl and Others
Journal Article

Carbon Taxation by Regulation

March 20th, 2017| By: Jim Rossi
Journal Article

Legal and Institutional Foundations of Adaptive Environmental Governance

March 17th, 2017| By: J.B. Ruhl, Daniel DeCaro, Brian Chaffin, Edella Schlager and Ahjond Garmestani
Journal Article

The Role of Law in Adaptive Governance

March 1st, 2017| By: J.B. Ruhl and Others
Journal Article

The New Politics of New Property and the Takings Clause

January 1st, 2017| By: Christopher Serkin

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