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A Summary Report on Climate-Related Financial Risk Assessment

This report summarizes outcomes from a series of workshops hosted Fall and, in particular, highlights the discussions centered around how climate-related financial risk assessments are currently conducted. This report also collates community concerns and identifies opportunities for improvement in the process of conducting and using climate-related financial risk assessments.
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Comments to FERC on One-Time Informational Reports on Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessments

In these comments, EDF and the Sabin Center support the Commission’s proposal to require transmission providers to file one-time informational reports describing their current or planned policies and processes for conducting extreme weather vulnerability assessments. In promulgating a final rule, EDF and the Sabin Center recommend that the Commission supplement…
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Comments to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Climate Impact Analysis in Natural Gas Project Reviews

These comments recommend that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) supplement its draft policy statement on natural gas project reviews with additional guidance on the evaluation of climate impacts on projects under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Holistic, specific, and actionable climate impact analysis is necessary to meet NEPA’s…
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Supplemental Comments on FERC’s Technical Conference on Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Electric System Reliability

These post-technical conference comments provide further recommendations on how FERC can support effective climate resilience planning throughout the energy system, supplementing an earlier set of pre-technical conference comments.
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Toward Resilience: Defining, Measuring, and Monetizing Resilience in the Electricity System

This report aims to assist policymakers in understanding grid resilience and evaluating potential interventions aimed at improving grid resilience. It develops a definition of resilience grounded in academic literature; describes a methodology for calculating the costs and benefits of potential grid resilience improvements; identifies legal authorities that states and federal…
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Comments on FERC’s Notice of Inquiry on its Certification of New Interstate Natural Gas Facilities

These comments were submitted in response to FERC's Notice of Inquiry into possible changes to its natural gas certification policy. The comments argue, among other things, that FERC should consider how climate change will affect the construction and operation of natural gas infrastructure in its certification decisions.