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Comments to SEC on Climate Risk Disclosure (ICRRL, Policy Integrity, EDF, Professors)

These comments make recommendations on the establishment of mandatory climate risk disclosure requirements that produce comparable, specific, and decision-useful information for investors, in response to the SEC's request for public input on climate disclosures.
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Prospective Grandfathering: Anticipating the Energy Transition Problem

This article identifies tools available to the government ex ante that will preserve regulatory flexibility in the future by forestalling regulatory takings claims and blunt the fairness concerns that fuel takings arguments, and argues for their adoption in the context of natural gas regulation.
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Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons: How Environmental Fallacies Affect Environmental Behavior

This book chapter examines how people's common misperceptions of the environmental impact of energy and water use behaviors influence behavioral choices and environmental outcomes, concluding that correcting these misperceptions could be an integral part of a successful strategy to reduce consumption.