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Organizations Involved: Environmental Defense Fund, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Source: Federal Acquisition Regulation


These comments support the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council’s proposed rule on the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related financial risk. The Proposed Rule is an important step to safeguarding and promoting efficient and economical procurement, and ensuring resilience of essential government functions in light of escalating climate-related financial and operational risks. Climate change-driven shifts in weather and environmental conditions, and in markets and society, pose increasing, costly risks to efficient and economical operations—and the U.S. government and its supply chain are not immune. The disclosure and target-setting requirements in the Proposed Rule would benefit federal agencies and contractors by increasing the transparency of climate risks to their supply chains and operations, how contractors are managing those risks, and opportunities for collaboration and cost-savings The Proposed Rule would thus help enable the federal government “to properly analyze and mitigate climate risks” and ensure “prudent fiscal management” of the federal supply chain.

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