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Blog/News Article

Washington and Wall Street Must Act Now to Protect Americans’ Financial Futures From Unfolding Climate Change Harms

October 25th, 2021| By: Michael Panfil, Stephanie Jones and Gabriel Malek
Agency Filing

Supplemental Comments on FERC’s Technical Conference on Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Electric System Reliability

September 27th, 2021| By: Romany Webb, Michael Panfil, Stephanie Jones, Justin Gundlach and Sarah Ladin
Agency Filing

Comments to Michigan PSC on Electric Utility Planning Processes to Prepare for Climate Change

September 24th, 2021| By: Romany Webb, Justin Gundlach and Sarah Ladin
Journal Article

Climate Resilience and Private Law’s Duty to Adapt

August 23rd, 2021| By: Jim Rossi and Michael Panfil
Blog/News Article

Strong SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Rules Are Good for Business, Investors

August 4th, 2021| By: Gabriel Malek
Blog/News Article

First-of-Its-Kind Insurance Report Confronts Climate Risk

July 23rd, 2021| By: Katelyn Roedner
Agency Filing

Comments on Petition to New York PSC to Comprehensively Study the Impacts of Climate Change on Utility Infrastructure

June 28th, 2021| By: Michael Gerrard, Romany Webb and Hillary Aidun
Blog/News Article

What the SEC Can Do to Protect Investors, Companies, and People from Another Texas Power Crisis

June 18th, 2021| By: Gabriel Malek, David Victor, Stephanie Jones and Michael Panfil

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