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Testimony of Romany Webb Before the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change

Romany Webb testified in a Hearing on Climate Resilience of Transportation and Electric Infrastructure before the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, making two key points: First, climate change poses serious risks to the electricity system, which are fundamentally different from other risks, including ordinary weather-related risks,…
Romany Webb
October 4, 2021
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Supplemental Comments on FERC’s Technical Conference on Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Electric System Reliability

These post-technical conference comments provide further recommendations on how FERC can support effective climate resilience planning throughout the energy system, supplementing an earlier set of pre-technical conference comments.
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Comments on Petition to New York PSC to Comprehensively Study the Impacts of Climate Change on Utility Infrastructure

In response to a Proposed Rulemaking, these comments support a petition by the Sabin Center, EDF, and other entities for the NYPSC to require utilities to engage in climate change vulnerability studies. The comments draw on sources including the joint Sabin Center and EDF paper Climate Risk in the Electricity…
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Comments to SEC on Climate Risk Disclosure (Sabin Center)

These comments, in response to the SEC's request for public input on climate disclosures, focus on the science of climate attribution, detection, and prediction—the body of research drawing on multiple lines of evidence that describes the role of human activity in climate change. The goal of these comments is to…
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Without Planning, Climate Change Will Bring More Texas-Style Blackouts

In the wake of the tragic February 2021 Texas winter storm and resulting power outages, this opinion piece argues that state regulators should require the electric industry to recognize the undeniable: climate change is here and it needs to be factored into their planning and decision making.